Finished AM.

Took two years. But I`ve completed all 6 classes at AM and finished working on Killzone 2. Its been great working at the animation team while doing AM.


Siebe said...

Updates! Updates!

Rob Tighe said...

U goin to graduation? It's the best thing you can do. It adds a nice finish to your journey meeting the Am folks in person. Especially the founders. They're energy rubs off.


Rob Tighe said...


Henk said...

Hi Siebe, Ive sent you a link :]
Hey Rob, hows it going man. I`ll go to the BBQ one day, but not this time.

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

DJ Henk, What's up?
Congrats on both things - gradguating AM and the showreel (looks great!).
btw - I think since you have no dialogue there, it could really push it if you would add some music to it (especially for the animation part when Bishop is reading the book in the long shot).

Good luck!