Annecy 2014

I'll be there. In the meantime I'm animating as much walks and as possible. Completing the game animation class was really helpful and enjoyable.

I animate & research

I`m almost finished with the I animate course. Meanwhile I`ve been busy figuring out workflow as usual. Here`s a bit of research from the fantastic "batman from Shanghai". The sequence is incredibly fun and entertaining.

here`s a link to the sequence itselve -> Link
and the original -> link

Latest work

The first shot is done with a smarter workflow. I spent 60 seconds worth of animation tests to speed things up and get more control!

Jason Taylor Workshop

Fränk Spalteholz from Animation School Hamburg organised another superb workshop. Jason Taylor did quite a few amazing demo`s and gave great feedback.

Day 1 - Animating a Facial "Take"

Day 2/4 - Animating with Isolated motion


I love to stop, stand still, and take apart great poses like these.


A balanced stance with a slightly forward bent torso, finished off by that tilted head: Defiance. The way the little skeleton looks at the bigger head is superb. I love it.