Look and Feel

Project got greenlighted recently.

Still some things left before I can start to animate.
The fun is about to start :]


Sant Arellano said...

Hey Henk!!

I was looking through my peer buddy list and found you missing, Iestyn Roberts sent me your blog adress.

Good luck with your film! I haven't looked through all the posts, but I sure will

See you when you come back! :D


Jeff said...

Great looking characters Henk! I'm curious about the colors you are going to use, 'cause i think these look great already. Like gradient on the bird's pecker.

Rajesh Gupta said...

Hi Henk,
Remember me?
I just got your blog address thru your comments in http://fliponline.blogspot.com/.
Good luck for your enthusiasm step towards making a short movie.
I hope we will meet in Jan.,08


Henk said...

Hi Rajesh,

Yeah ofcourse I remember, we did the Body Mechanics class together! Which turned out to be quite a challenge. Update your blog when you get the chance, looking forward to seeing you handle your dialogue shot