Class2 - First assignmend completed!

Spent a total of 4 weeks on this shot.
Really pushed my abilities and workflow.
Get the hang of blocking, refining and polishing.

Body mechanics is a lot tougher then I anticipated.
The principles help quite a bit.


themayaguy said...

Very very cool. Can't wait to see the next one. But I was wondering, what happened to the belt? Anyway, it looks very cool. Keep it up.

Henk said...

Hi Mr Maya guy,

I`ve got it planned for next week. Got a revision and some more time. Didn`t wanna spend time on it yet because the assignment needs everything I can give it.

Its a bonus, but dont worry, Im looking forward to animating it next week. Glad you like it :]

Henk said...

On second thought. Its time to move on for the next assignment.

Ive gathered enough experience to do my next shot better. Its just very tedious to go back. Eventually I might pick it up from its blocking+ phase and adjust things. But not untill im jumping to do so :]

Olivier Ladeuix said...

I find strange your mentor didn't tell you about the foot being buried in the silhouette around frame 82...